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  • 1440 Foundation, Saratoga - Community Building
American Leadership Forum-Silicon Valley

American Leadership Forum-Silicon Valley (ALF)

Founded in 1988, American Leadership Forum-Silicon Valley is a regional network of diverse senior-level leaders across private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Graduates of ALF's one-year fellows program have created a network to use collaborative leadership skills to identify and deal with complex regional issues.
Bay Area Women's Sport Initiative, San Jose

Bay Area Women's Sport Initiative (BAWSI)

The Bay Area Women's Sport Initiative delivers a free fitness and confidence building program to girls and children with disabilities in underserved communities. BAWSI programs build resilience and enable participants to recover from adversity. BAWSI uses female athletes from local colleges and high school as role models to engage, inspire and empower children.
Careers through Culinary Arts Program, New York

Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP)

Founded in 1990, Careers through Culinary Arts Program teaches young people skills and provides training for culinary careers. C-CAP partners with the culinary programs at public high schools, providing programming that supports career awareness (mentoring, field trips, and experiences), career exploration (college advising and internships), and career pathways (scholarship opportunities, job training and referrals). C-CAP reaches more than 15,000 students annually nationwide.
Center for Farmworker Families

Center for Farmworker Families

The Center for Farmworker Families promotes awareness about the difficult life circumstances of binational, farmworker families, while working to improve their lives in the United States and Mexico. The center offers programs to help families with educational advancement, financial independence, and nutritional well-being. The center also advocates for changes in federal and state legal structures that govern farm work.

Community Bridges (CB) - Puentes de la Comunidad

Community Bridges envisions a thriving community where every person has the opportunity to unleash their full potential. CB, the largest social services in Santa Cruz County, has been a catalyst for a brighter future by providing vital resources of local children, families, and seniors. Established in 1977, the non-profit has impacted the lives of more than 17,000 people. They deliver 10 different programs that focus on equitable access to resources, and advocate for health and dignity across every stage of life.

Digital NEST

Digital NEST

Founded in 2014, Digital NEST unlocks the full potential of underrepresented youth: 14-24 years of age, in forgotten agricultural communities across California. The NEST, supporting more than 25,000 students, provides these young community members with an invaluable insight into the tech sector. The nonprofit connects these members to a skill-building community that molds and transforms them into professionals; leading successful careers, developing innovative solutions, and building prosperous communities. The NEST is working to level the playing field and bridging the digital divide by empowering youth, creating equal opportunity, and changing the face of the 21st Century workforce.
Flourish Agenda, Oakland

Flourish Agenda

Flourish Agenda trains schools, agencies, civic groups, and youth organizations on how to build healing-centered strategies in their organizations and systems. The nonprofit provides curricula, workshops, summits, camps, and consulting to support the social emotional well-being in young people of color.
Rancho Cielo

Rancho Cielo Youth Campus

Rancho Cielo is a comprehensive learning and social services center located in Salinas, CA.  Established in 2000, Rancho Cielo is a safe place for students who can thrive in other type of school settings. Each day, 125-150 students aged 16-24, work towards obtaining a WASC-accredited high school diploma and vocational certificates in agriculture, culinary, or construction. The nonprofit invests in youth facing challenges by providing them with education, training and counseling. Rancho Cielo's goal is for program participants to leave the campus as productive community members and successful contributors to the workforce.

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